People Playground

People Playground

People Playground
  • Developer: mestiez
  • Genre: Game
  • Version: 17
User Rating: Rating 4.99

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Release Date
December, 21st 2021
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android

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Spencer Downes

People Playground is for ragdoll fans who desire more intricacy, satisfaction, and freedom. Every object’s characteristics specify how it interacts with the world. Sharp stuff. Swords and spears can stab people (and soft objects). Knife, burn, poison, rip, vaporize, or crush ragdolls.

Some conduct electricity better than others. Humans are too. Charged objects become much stronger. Humans, wood, rubber, and plastic burn well. Burn them and watch it turn black. The game has projectile-based weapons. Explosives vary in destructive strength and energy release. Play with contraptions, generally death machines.

What is People Playground?

People Playground is a violent video game where players experiment with harmful powers and equipment. You manage the game’s surroundings and scenery.

Kick the Buddy damages your players. People Playground contains uninteresting animations and more violent pictures than Kick the Buddy. Garry’s Mod and Minecraft are like People Playground because you design the world.

Details of People Playground

License Free
Version v1.24.6
Latest update Dec 1, 2021
Platform Windows
Language English

Mobile People Playground?

People Playground is a Windows PC game released in July 2019. The lightweight app requires little PC space.

Since the platform isn’t free, you can buy it once. People Playground is popular. People Playground APK or iOS are platforms to monitor for mobile download.

How to Play People Playground?

Change game physics. Right-clicking opens context menus. The ignite command sets materials ablaze, while freeze glues them together. To avoid hitting characters, click ‘Disable collision’ and ‘Make weightless’ to float pieces in the air.

Humans can ‘Inspect’, ‘Mend or break a bone,’ ‘Stumble,’ ‘Walk,’ ‘Cower,’ and ‘Sit.’ Right toolbar grants pull, push, lift, lightning, and fire powers. These activities can change your environment.

People Playground is dangerous. Since improper moves hurt sensitive bodies, humans flail like rag dolls. Despite being invincible, androids can be damaged by lightning and fire. A ‘Gorse’ can also enter. Gorse’s poison harms humans but not androids.

Your inventory is on the left and includes guns, explosives, cars, machines, biohazards, and miscellaneous stuff. When you hover over objects, descriptions emerge in the left panel. Right-side toolbars display descriptions on the left.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 215 MB of available space

Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-install sandbox
  • Physicists, experiment!


  • Graphics gory
  • Tragedy
  • Low-resolution
  • Commands might cause slowness.


It's possible to download People Playground for free. It has permissible usage. Additional Resolve FX filters and Fairlight FX audio plugins as well as HDR grading and HDR scopes are included in the DaVinci Neural Engine. Documentation for People Playground is provided. It's more than 3000 pages in length. That reference manual is there to help you out. One of the greatest and most sophisticated video editing programs available for designers is People Playground.


  • Easy-to-install sandbox
  • Physicists, experiment!


  • Graphics gory
  • Tragedy
  • Low-resolution
  • Commands might cause slowness.

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